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Do you want to take your organization to the next level, achieving both their professional and personal goals? In this series,
our coaches help clients with continuous improvement and business development by addressing specific topics to move their
company forward.


GC Insights

Do you have issues hiring, training, and retaining top talent? With our behavioral analysis, we help you to unlock human potential and creating stronger teams! Seeing these reports reveal a great deal about what motivates us as well as what we fear and avoid. This information can offer a new perspective on why we do what we do as well as help you to understand your strengths as a company.


ValuePath Plus

Do you know what you are worth? We developed our ValuePath Plus service to help you increase the value of your business—so when it’s time to sell, you are best positioned to receive the highest return. ValuePath Plus will help you understand what drives the value of your business, identify risks that reduce value, and implement changes that will make your business more attractive to potential buyers. The core goal is that you maximize the return on your business investment.

Strategic Mastery

You’ve graduated from the Strategic Business Mindset, now what? Our life-long Strategic Mastery℠ coaching and round-table program continues the quarterly group coaching process and connects you with other Strategic Mindset® graduates.


Looking for financing to help you build your dreams? We know how hard it can be to determine the direction you need to take your company only to find that you don’t have the capital to implement the major improvements your business needs. The Growth Coach can now help. Our private equity is available for Growth Coach clients to assist them in making the investments they need to reach the goals they’ve set. If you’re ready to implement your plans but need financial assistance to make those capital investments, talk to your Growth Coach today.

Continuing Education

As a registered sponsor with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy, The Growth Coach® is certified to offer CPAs our Strategic Business Mindset and Strategic Manager Workshops to help you meet your continuing professional education (CPE) credit requirements.

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I’m Keith Peers, business coach and owner of The Growth Coach of KW. As an experienced business leader and strategic thinker, I understand that sometimes strategic planning falls to the wayside when you’re working IN the business instead of ON the business. That’s why I’m looking forward to helping you step back from the day to day of your business, look at the big picture, create strategic plans, take action and stay accountable for the results. As a business owner or company leader, you are responsible for making your business better. I’m here to help.


Kitchener, Canada


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